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Aaron is one of the most inspiring creatives that I have the good fortune to work with. His attention to strategy and craft make him a true partner in design and creative. He is a critical thinker that ensures the right problems are being solved for the right reasons and the right people. Like a dog with a bone, Aaron rolls up his sleeves and gets close to the problem to turn into an opportunity with positive business outcomes. Personas, user stories or observation, Aaron uses deep empathy to understand who we are solving for. His understanding of technology and the constraints it may have helped Aaron build better experiences for users. With strong visual design, Aaron doesn't just create things that are smart — he creates thinghs that are smart and beautiful. And to top all of this off - Aaron is an absolute joy to work with: smart, collaborative and detailed - an amazing team member who I looked forward to working with again in the future.

Stephen BennettECD at Bond Brand Loyalty